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Natasha Gets A Facial

By Valentine


Natasha Gets A Facial

Natasha has a wonderful set of 34D’s and she isn’t shy to pull them out and show to Nick and offer to let him touch them. Natasha’s a wild girl who likes just about everything sexually. She’s tried anal but she prefers vaginal sex. Headng inside where it’s warmer, Nick fingers Natasha’s pussy as her talented lips wrap around his cock and start sucking. Natasha sucks on his balls before she asks Nick to titty-fuck her. Soon, she and Nick begin fucking, each one taking turns being on top. Natasha fingers her clit as Nick continues to fuck her wet pussy. She gets on her knees on the couch and Nick fucks her from behind as she urges him on, “fuck my wet pussy.” Natasha gets down on her knees one last time to beg Nick to cum on her face. He jerks his cock and soon, his white load erupts all over her face and in her eye.

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