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Vanessa Fucks Her Friend’s Brother

By Valentine


Vanessa Fucks Her Friend’s Brother

Vanessa’s come looking for her friend to go out together, but instead finds her friend’s brother at home. He offers to act as judge as to which bathing suits look the best. As Vanessa tries on various bathing suit parts, she asks her friend’s brother to keep his eyes closed (who would expect a man to actually follow through on that vow?). Vanessa doesn’t seem overly upset that he’s been peaking and soon, she jumps him in bed. He sucks her wide nipples before she moves down to suck his dick. When the pair strip down, the friend’s brother begins eating Vanessa out, causing her to moan in pleasure. As he slowly fucks her pussy, Vanessa moves her hands around his cock making her seem even tighter. Fucking her from behind, then on her stomach, Vanessa’s man is ready to cum. He strokes his dick and shoots a liquid load all over her tits and stomach.

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